※This is an informational translation from the Japanese original.

We do not accept new membership now

―Step of Registration―

* All communications are encrypted and sent securely.
* All info you need to registration is only username and email address.

1,Please read the terms of use.

2,Please set to you can receive mail from "hello@daikkee.com"


* 5 USD per month.(18 USD only for the first month)
(1USD=105.93JPY at the exchange rate as of August 31 , 2020)
*This contract will be automatically renewed every month.(You can cancel anytime from PayPal)
* Please be assured that only 「MEMBERPAY」 will appear on the Web statement.

  1. Click the「Subscribe」 button below and check the details of the service.
  2. Select「PayPal check out」 or 「Subscribe」 and follow the necessary procedures.
  3. After moving to the final confirmation screen, click the 「Agree & subscribe」 button to complete the payment.


* All you need is only a username and email address.

  1. Upon completion of payment, you will receive a Email「Complete your registration」 from Beautiful Boys and a payment details from PayPal.
  2. Please register your username and password from the Link 「Complete your registration」.
  3. When registration is complete, you will receive a Email「Your registration is complete」 with your registration details. If you want to log in immediately, please log in from the link.

※Sometimes, we get an inquiry that "I can log in after registration is complete, but I can't view it because「This content cannot be viewed at your member level」
Please try to log out and log in again. If this does not solve the problem, sorry to trouble you, but please contact us.

That's all for you now!!
All our contents was released to you!!!

I hope your wonderful life will be more wonderful.
See you in the community again...


—Reason for paying membership fee—

There are some reasons why members make a donation.

First, the site's small maintenance cost is one of them.
In order to enjoy the contents safely and comfortably, you need a little support such as a contract with a large capacity server and maintenance of system and security.

And one more important thing, Quality is the reason.
As noted on the site, most of the content is collected and organized from things found on the Web and paid sites. Therefore, maintaining high quality requires a considerable amount of actual cost and a huge amount of time spent in front of a computer.
Of course, you know that, but in fact, we've made the best content available to our members with even more invisible investments.

These achievements is clear from the fact that more than 70% of our members have continued, and many of them lasting more than 6 months (ongoing support is stronger than you think! Thank you so much!! ).

There are always people who don't want to spend money in the hobby world or who feel uncomfortable.

But please, in light of these facts, we would appreciate if you could support Beautiful Boys as a "donation" rather than a "payment".(Even if you don't think so, for example, if we are 20 people, you can share the value of $100 with a burden of $5!!!)

Of course, it is up to you to decide, so please think, convince and participate.

—What you need to know—

There is no problem at all if you can protect common sense public order and morals. Pay wall reduces the number of people who do harm, so we are not worried about it.

However, in consideration of the sustainability of the community, we established the terms of use and for example, those who infringe on "prohibition of any act that impairs the rights, interests, honors, conservation, etc. of members / communities" will be unsubscribed.

To be honest that we can not respond to too many inquiries about prices and service contents etc, because the participation fee is only $5. So it seems to be repeated, but please refrain from those who are dissatisfied I will do it.